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Group Coaching

For Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse


Are you tired of feeling disconnected from your intuition and struggling to trust others? Are you overwhelmed by the uncertainty of what steps to take next on your healing journey and unsure of how to cultivate self-love?


Join our empowering group coaching program led by Katherine Kleis, where we dive deep into these challenges head-on. Through our supportive community, expert guidance, and personalized strategies, we will help you reconnect with your intuition, learn to trust again, navigate the next steps with clarity, and develop a profound sense of self-love.


It's time to break free from the limitations holding you back and embrace a life of empowerment, authenticity, and joy. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life and rediscover your true worth.

About Group Coaching

You can subscribe and become a member of group coaching for only $50

per month.


It can be hard to know which steps to take next. Maybe you are not sure who you are anymore or who you want to become. Maybe you are having a hard time hearing your intuition through all of the gaslighting. 


By joining group coaching, you will learn effective strategies to reclaim your identity and foster empowerment.


I will be guiding you through interactive sessions, providing practical tools, and facilitating deep discussions. Through this collaborative environment, you will find solace, validation, and connection with others who understand your journey.


With this subscription you will recieve:

  • Access to weekly group coaching

  • Weekly support emails to guide you through this journey

  • Access to guest coaching appearances to offer more perspective and healing


Key Highlights:

  • Reclaim your true identity and establish healthy boundaries

  • Foster empowerment and build resilience for a brighter future

  • Connect with a supportive community of survivors on a similar path


When is group coaching:

  • Monday nights 6pm pst/ 8pm cst/ 9pm est and Wednesday afternoons 11am pst/ 1pm cst/ 2pm est

What can I expect from the weekly group coaching sessions? The weekly sessions are interactive and led by an experienced coach. They involve discussions, exercises, and insights designed to support your healing process. How can group coaching help survivors like me? Group coaching provides a safe and supportive space for survivors to heal from the emotional wounds inflicted by narcissistic abuse. It offers expert guidance and a community of understanding individuals who have gone through similar experiences. What sets this coaching program apart from individual session for survivors of narcissistic abuse? While individual session is valuable, group coaching offers a unique dynamic by fostering a sense of community and shared experiences. It provides diverse perspectives and peer support that can be especially empowering. What kind of support can I expect outside of the coaching sessions? In addition to the coaching sessions, you'll receive weekly support emails that provide guidance and encouragement as you work through your healing journey. What is the subscription fee for this group coaching program? You can become a member of the group coaching program for a subscription fee of $50 per month, which grants you access to valuable resources and a supportive community. How can I join this group coaching program and take the first step toward healing and empowerment? You can join the program by subscribing, and you'll be welcomed into a community of survivors ready to support you on your journey to reconnecting with your true self and building a brighter future. How many sessions are included in the subscription? The subscription provides access to weekly group coaching sessions for one month.



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