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Breaking Free Program

Breaking Free Program

The Breaking Free Program is a comprehensive course designed to help individuals who are feeling trapped in a toxic relationship. This 28 day self-paced video course teaches the tactics used to confuse and manipulate you, strategies for managing cognitive dissonance and tools towards breaking the trauma bond. Participants will learn tactics to overcome the effects of abuse and regain control of their lives. The program includes access to weekly group coaching sessions and a one-on-one session with an experienced coach. Join the Breaking Free Program and start your journey to healing today.  

  • 28 Day Self-Paced Course

    This is a self-paced course. You will have 28 days worth of videos and journal reflections.

    After checkout, you will recieve an email with your link to the course, the link to our group coaching calls, and a link to book your individual coaching session!

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