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A place for victims of narcissistic abuse to come find support, healing, and community.

The Mission

Our mission is to take a STAND and stop the abuse. Our goal is to help empower clients to take back control of their life after narcissistic abuse. STAND Coaching's mission is to lead survivors who have dedicated themselves to self-discovery and healing and have decided to unapologetically live life to the fullest.


No matter where you come from or where you have been, it is important to never stop fighting for yourself. 

A self-growth journey is the greatest gift you
can give yourself

Join the Community!! 

A place for survivors to find support, guidance, resources and community through their healing journey. 


Meet Katherine Kleis

Katherine Kleis is an accomplished coach and community builder dedicated to empowering individuals and creating positive change. As the founder of STAND Coaching LLC, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. With a degree in psychology, Katherine is passionate about helping people break free from abuse, discover their true identity, and find lasting peace. Through her coaching and awareness videos, she spreads inspiration and empowerment to a wide audience.

As a survivor herself, Katherine understands the impact of trauma and believes in breaking the cycle for a brighter future. Join her on a transformative journey towards liberation and fulfillment.

Follow her on social media for information, inspirations and tools for this journey! 

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"Katherine spoke to me with understanding, experience, and encouragement and that’s exactly what I needed"

"From scheduled phone conversations to responding to emails, she’s always willing to help. I am very fortunate to be one of her clients"

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